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SOLD OUT! Come, live a unique learning experience: ebbf annual conference in Lisbon

Forget conferences, summits and congresses, think of coming together to address some of the most important questions you have right now about rethinking power, harnessing the power of business to do good, exploring the new ways in which organizations can become an integral useful contributing part of the communities that surrounds them.

SOLD OUT. MORE INFO : "Every time I attend ebbf events, I come out totally recharged" François Couillard "By far the most challenging, thought provoking, yet supportive and empowering events. The only place where diversity has an impact ... undergrads and CEOs have meaningful conversations. Unparalleled." Ralph Blundell

Check out some of the challenges they will bring to the annual event, and that they want to explore with you.

What is - your challenge - to bring to the rest of the global audience you will find in Lisbon?

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