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ebbf impact - stories of accompaniment

Below a few stories of how #ebbfmembers have used the ebbf global community to practically contribute and help them create a greater meaningful impact.

You are welcome to become a member of this global learning organization

Kami Lamakan – UK

“Another wonderful conference of inspiring people with thought-provoking perspectives and ideas. ebbf continues to challenge me to improve myself and my business practices. It also is reassuring to see confirmation of where I’m headed with my own work. ”

Enrico Giraudi – Italy

Enjoy here a recent ebbf Rethink Materialism keynote offered by Enrico

My publisher liked the ideas and focus of my new book but asked me to back it up with real-life case studies of people who used their intuition to bring about innovation in their workplace. I immediately connected with ebbf and asked for people to interview and the result was amazing, I included in my book six stories of ebbf members and this is the final outcome of my book “Technology of Intuition”.

You can get Enrico’s book and insights here

Valerie Davis – Canada

I do consulting work, focusing on leadership and organization development. Through my association with ebbf members, I have been inspired to stay the course in developing and offering new perspectives to my clients. The people one meets through ebbf are frequently thinking and acting at the leading edge of business. They are often taking risks and exploring the road less travelled. Attending learning events, participating in webinars, consulting with colleagues, and volunteering in projects all provide opportunities to associate with people and find one’s own inspiration through association. In my own experience, I have found the courage and inspiration to explore new avenue and ideas with my clients. Without exception, these have been embraced. What also makes ebbf special is that it is an organization that truly strives to live up to its core values. This is evident in every interaction, which is refreshing and motivating.

Bijan Azami – Netherlands

We first pitched the TWOBILLIONEYES concept at an ebbf international learning event in Barcelona in October 2015. That event was a huge launchpad for us. We received instant support from various ebbf members who provided us with introductions and access to several crucial organisations. In addition to that, we have also received the ongoing hands-on support of several ebbf members to advance our work in the field and to build our communications and outreach network.

Marc Rivers – New Zealand

ebbf has proven to be a source of inspiration for applying values-based solutions in the workplace. I made contacts at ebbf events who helped me with content for my last two global finance conferences which covered a range of topics from the importance of finding the nobility of purpose in our profession to exploring implications of the dual nature of humanity and how to design policies which appeal to our higher selves. Such ideas have served to elevate the conversation to new levels. Inspired by the example of others some of us started up ebbf breakfast meetings which explore the application of spiritual principles in the workplace with a different facilitator each month. The ebbf network has also proven to be a fertile source of talent for recruiting! ebbf is an oasis in a business world that is aching for a return to values-based leadership.

Rachel-Xiaolu Han – China

I am so glad I went to EBBF this past weekend. I had a great time, meeting people and joining in on some great conversations. I was starting to lose hope in my workplace, EBBF was a good reminder that it is possible to have it all. However long my life is, I can have a life driven by purpose and passion, doing what I love with people whom I love.

Maelys de Rudder – Kossovo

The first ebbf conference I attended was on Consultation. It was a very intensive experience because learning happened at so many different levels. And there were so many inspiring and experienced people to learn from. I came to the event looking for ideas to help us lead our organization to another level of accomplishment. Our team got caught up in a very negative dynamic that was killing our enthusiasm and motivation and this was paralyzing the whole organization and preventing it from moving forward.


A year after this first EBBF experience, the school is transformed and my team is thriving. We have never operated at such a level of connectedness and trust. We owe this transformation largely to Marc Avanzo, whom we met during the conference and who gifted the school with an incredibly life-transforming workshop on non-violent communication that served as a catalyst for our team and helped us open our hearts to one another and see beyond our apparent differences.


Nadja Schnetzler, which we also met at EBBF, led her Brainstorm Innovation Champ Training at the school. The training involved students, teachers and members of the school’s close community. It was a mind opening and uplifting experienced which also contributed greatly to the growing sense of community within and around the school.

A few email exchanges with Vivek Nair based in Macau, who is experienced in managing educational institutions has helped us broaden our vision. Finally, initiating a series of ebbf Sarajevo local events which have been informal gatherings with a lot of group discussions on how to bring meaning to business in Bosnia and create a community of like-minded business people has reinforced the local support to our organisation from the business community here.

Giuseppina Cuccurullo – Italy

Thanks to ebbf, I have started to test accompaniment by applying it both in the organization and since 9 months in the company I work in. I am now in a phase 2, I will design a more structure Accompaniment Program that will give the chance to Head Office employee to freely apply for 15 min accompaniment talk. So far this talks gave to people, part of the phase 1 – pilot, the chance to elevate their know how to a new level, face difficulties in the workspace, and helped me being closer to them in their professional development in the company..

Iko Congo – Angola

ebbf accompanied me throughout my university and transitioning phase to my professional career. It provided inspiration through its conferences that ‘business-as-usual’ was not inevitable through exposure to a plethora of unique initiatives; granted me the opportunity to develop some work experience as member of the operational team; enabled me to present some ideas at a conference; gave me access to an incredible network of mindful people who understood my longing for meaningful work, were very inclusive and always willing to help. I was able to rely on ebbf members, for example, to coach me through diverse matters, to participate at two TEDx events I organised, and to support the research of my final MSc thesis. Whatever one intends on doing, one can count on ebbf as an ally.

Anne van Bruggen – Netherlands

Putting the idea of capacity building as a central concept in my MSc. Thesis in Industrial Ecology on Transformative Modelling. This thesis will be used to shape a real modelling project, putting capacity building at its heart. The learnings from the event inspired me to also write a blog article about a event about capacity building

Michele Spiezia – Italy

2016 for me was a sabbatical year where I often used ebbf events and meetings for reflection, refocusing, capacity building, out of the matrix thinking, to restart; learning that to have a positive impact in the world you need to start first having a positive impact on yourself.

Tim Melville – UK

After first exploring the best ways to launch an energy impacting enterprise at an ebbf event, I am now working for this social enterprise with more ethical values using what I learnt at ebbf, for example adding profit sharing to customers and employees. In the first month of 2017 orders of £40 million agreed which will save save 4m tons of CO2 and provide £100,000 of profit share to the local community.

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