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​What are good motivations? Money, service ? How can I set the right priorities?
How can I help impact and transition my workplace/team to a more purpose-driven focus? 



Technology, sociology, international relations, design ... how can I choose the sector that will allow me to contribute best to the future I want to build?
How can I use and work with media to influence in an ethical way? 



How can I keep educating myself about what is relevant and useful to society?
How do I keep developing my talents both in my current work and preparing for my future workplace? 



What are some of the best ways to maintain my wellbeing?
What can keep me motivated in stressful and sometimes conflictive workplaces?
Where can I gather energy to do good and do it better?



open to accompanying by sharing
your experience but also wanting to
learn from younger generations

#ebbf4youth brings together impact ambitious youth and experienced values-driven leaders in a personalised one-on-one ebbf mentorship accompaniment.

Through this program ebbf aims to create an impact for the value-based meaningful working environment, empower the youth to find their meaningful career and become the transformative forces in their working environment.

Founded on the desire to find the best applications of the seven core values of ebbf ,
this program aims to explore answers to the common questions we face
when entering a new career and workplace:

You are a senior
values-driven expert

you want to be an active builder of the future

you are looking for a meaningful career

centred around the application of your values.

You are an 18 to 35 youth/young professional

The essence of ebbf and of ebbf accompaniment told by a 15 year old youth

ebbf's seven core values