You are a 18 to 35 year old Youth or Young professional

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#to Change 

You are values-driven and aspiring to listen & mentor 

 #to accompany &discover

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What to expect from ebbf4youth mentoring?

Impact/Scale Up

 Serve to the needs of time

Building Capacity

Take ownership

"A culture which promotes a way of thinking, studying, and acting, in which all consider themselves as treading a common path of service…"

"An assurance of practical help can give a tentative venturer the courage to initiate an activity for the first time. "

"Be anxiously concerned with the needs of the age ye live in on its exigencies and requirements."

"The days pass swiftly as the twinkle of a star. Make your mark now, at this crucial turning point of a juncture, the like of which shall never return." 

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If these are questions you wish to see addressed and are interested to commit to a six month prototype phase bringing you insights, answers and good questions but also asking you to provide the feedback that will improve this mentorship  

#ebbf4youth brings together impact ambitious youth and experienced values-driven leaders in a personalised one-on-one ebbf mentorship accompaniment.

Through this program ebbf aims to create an impact for the value-based meaningful working environment, empower the youth to find their meaningful career and become the transformative forces in their working environment.

Founded on the desire to find the best applications of the seven core values of ebbf ,
this program aims to explore answers to the common questions we face
when entering a new career and workplace: