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Why is ebbf4youth mentoring relevant for me?


If you ...

aspire to a world without borders.

aspire to gender & racial equality.

aspire to a world where technology serves humanity.

use arts and crafts to connect our hearts to peace.

want to create change.

want to shape the future


You are not alone here to make an impact!

Why is it relevant for me?


What is the purpose of the ebbf4youth mentoring program?



Creating the space for youth to grow and contribute.


The mentorship program brings together ambitious youth and experienced value-driven leaders in a personalised one-on-one ebbf mentorship accompaniment.

Through this program ebbf aims to create an impact for the value-based working environment, empower the youth to find a meaningful career and become the transformative forces in their work environment.

Founded on the desire to find the best applications core values of ebbf, this program aims to explore answers to the common questions we face when entering a new career and workplace.

What is the ebbf4youth mentorship program?


The ebbf4youth Mentoring Principle.



"A culture which promotes a way of thinking, studying, and acting, in which all consider themselves as treading a common path of service…"

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The core principles that make our mentorship program different.
How do I participate?


How can I participate in this mentoring program?


If the outlined buddy program is something that resonates with you, hesitate not to join our team with your expertise!

As we are in an early stage of developing the program you should be able to commit to a six month prototype phase, where you join the mentoring process as either a mentor or mentee, and contribute with your knowledge, questions and feedback.


Still have questions? Check the FAQ below.

If you have unanswered questions left don't hesitate to contact us via


Ready to join? Sign up here.

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Sign up.


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You can download our advertising flyers below.

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We hope to see you soon!

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