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ebbf events create a totally new level of energy, understanding and volition to action.
"Every time I attend ebbf events, I come out totally recharged" François Couillard

Forget conferences, summits and congresses, think of coming together to address some of the most important questions you have right now about rethinking power, harnessing the power of business to do good, exploring the new ways in which organizations can become an integral useful contributing part of the communities that surrounds them.

You are seeking fresh energy, really meaningful conversations that nourish your thinking and your actions going forward.


A time to pause, to learn of new trends, of what is evolving, of what is really important and most useful in our common mission to finds ways to contribute to more just, sustainable and prosperous organizations, planet and lives.


ebbf has been crafting for over 30 years, nurturing gatherings of some of the most diverse and interesting people who come together from all over the world in paradigm changing and useful dynamics.


We invite you to come to beautiful Lisbon to enjoy and to contribute to the new thinking, to the best questions, to the most useful  conversations that we can then bring back to our lives and apply in our organizations and careers.


“The time has come, then, to craft new narratives of ourselves and our societies—narratives that define different standards of success and wellbeing and assist those at all levels of affluence to construct more noble patterns of living and being together."

Universal House of Justice Letter of April 2010 

At the end of this three-day ebbf experience you will leave with a totally new level of energy, understanding, volition to action.

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Meet some of the protagonists of this incredible ebbf experience
and the challenge they bring with them to address with you.


Come to address their challenge and bring yours,
to really understand how we can harness the power of corporations to do good;
moving from isolated organizations to regenerative integrated communities .

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Unique interactions that create invaluable human connections

Inspiring speakers are only one part of the richness of ebbf experiences.

The core element that participants highlight as a key reason for returning is the depth of the personal interactions.

The combination of the unique diversity that will surround you with the like-minded orientation of participants is enhanced with the special interactive dynamics that we load into ebbf experiences.
This ensures that very special human bonds are created.

"By far the most challenging, thought provoking, yet supportive and empowering events.
The only place where diversity has an impact ... undergrads and CEOs have meaningful conversations. Unparalleled."



EARLY BIRD FEE (ends 31st December)

250 € - Normal Full Access to all sessions of three days
210 € - Discounted for ebbf members, Full Access to all sessions of three days


FULL PRICE FEE (after 31st December)

300 € - Normal Full Access to all sessions of three days
260 € - Discounted for ebbf members, Full Access to all sessions of three days


Rates include comfortable four star rooms and all meals included:
breakfast + lunch + dinner + coffee & tea breaks

€ 118.00 / Individual Room / night in Full Board 
€ 88.00 / Shared Double Room / night in Full Board PER P



Hotel Real Oeiras,
Lt E1 Rua Alvaro Rodrigues de Azevedo 5 Paco de Arcos, Oeiras 2770-197


"I come to ebbf to refresh my thinking, to create a new level of energy and to find new and much-needed ideas and processes that I can then go an implement in my organization the following week.”




"ebbf is a safe place to ask questions, test ideas, make assumptions, dream projects and get inspiration, energy and courage to move into actions."


"Friendships with remarkable people dedicated to service."



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