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22nd March - Interact LIVE with ebbf annual conference speaker Layli Miller-Muro

Every month we come together to interact with an ebbf member who has made it their life choice to walk a path towards a meaningful career and with their decision helped create more meaningful workplaces .

In this #52MinutesToYourMeaningfulCareer series, Martina invites you to explore your path to a meaningful career, interacting with other individuals who have tried and learnt from their own path of creating meaningful careers and workplaces in their lives and companies. This time you will have the opportunity to interact LIVE with Layli (ebbf annual conference speaker) who recently left the Tahirih Justice Center and pivoted to an entirely new career path. What context is she now facing? What key decisions is she making and how, to determine her best future combining meaningful work, sustaining her life and family and her first priority of service? YOU CAN BE PART OF THIS INTERACTIVE LEARNING EXPERIENCE HERE:

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