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7 tickets left for ebbf's annual conference. What challenge do you want to bring?

HARNESSING CORPORATE POWER, TO DO GOOD How can we transform organizations into communities? This is the main theme of ebbf's 33rd annual conference in Lisbon SEE:

What challenge would you like to bring, to address this question?

To help you formulate your own challenge, in the image you can see a few of the challenges that some of the speakers at ebbf's annual gathering are bringing to the global group of participants who will be actively exploring these challenges. Looking for ways to apply in their everyday work the values, principles and new ways of doing business that we need, to build a more prosperou, just and sustainable future.


Regardless of whether you are one of the lucky ones physically able to be present there or not, we would like to gather as many challenges to be addressed as possible to cover them during the event.

Curious to hear from you and to then address your challenge! SEE HERE WHAT OTHERS ARE POSTING:

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