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you can help Steve Hall achieve an important grant for his environmental building projects

CONNECTICUT – Since attending an ebbf event some six years ago, Steven Hall was inspired to create a new niche in his project management company: focusing on sustainable construction projects. What was a small area of his work, became so successful that it is now the core of his business.

He has now been given a golden opportunity for his sustainable enterprise to receive  a considerable $ 250,000 grant, “all we need is a further 250 votes to qualify for consideration for this grant” says long-term ebbf member Steven “we think we have made strong case of need to expand our building energy efficiency services with rehiring and adding expertise. In the past year we have developed a number of potential projects some quite large.  We are working with an established  financial firm to offer unique no investment 100% financed solutions to commercial property owners  as well as cities and towns. For small residential homes, we have just proved out for one client a 100% financed solar solution for a 65% energy reduction. We plan to also market this solution.”

Steven asks for your support and that of your peers with “As all of you know, our overriding motivation is environmental protection, doing well by doing good.”

Simply click on the link below, in the search box type Chandler’s zip code: 06830 and then click on the CHANDLER project

(a Facebook account is needed to vote)

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