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"Happy are those who spend their days in the pursuit of knowledge, in the discovery of the secrets of the universe, and in the meticulous investigation of truth! And woe to those who content themselves with ignorance, who delight in thoughtless imitation, who have fallen into the abyss of ignorance and unawareness, and who have thus wasted their lives!"

‘Abdu’l-Baha, Some Answered Questions.

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Authoritative approaches to management are no longer appropriate in knowledge and service-based companies. This approach seeks participation and consensus in making decisions and unity in execution. Drawing on the collective intelligence of those affected inspires better decisions and more effective implementation.

cover - purpose beyond profit - by marjo

Marjo Lips-Wiersma has produced an excellent publication offering a new perspective of what the real purpose of business is. It outlines a vision that goes beyond mere profits, as important as these are and gives a fuller picture of the potential of organisations and of the individuals within them to find meaningful purpose in their business.


This publication takes a business perspective of social innovation.  It examines what role businesses can and should play to address our social problems, how they can foster social innovation, partner with non-profits and public authorities, and help identify and scale-up innovation.

cover - history of ebbf.jpg

“A shared history is a large part of what binds individuals into a community and imbues a group with a distinct history. It reminds people of who we are.” This is the inspiration behind this publication that reports all the major events in the evolution of this now global organisation starting on the 29th of June 1987 when the first idea of creating this organisation was put forward by George Starcher and Ezzat Zahrai.

cover - search of a new work ethic - geo

This publication highlights the need to rethink the meaning of work and to develop a new work ethic adapted to our global, modern, post-industrial society. It offers many examples of how enlightened managers are implementing responsible practices that help to motivate and retain talented employees.

Toward a Partnership of Women and

There is convincing evidence that a true partnership of women and men leaders, and the blending of feminine and masculine values and qualities, will enhance competitiveness and prosperity. The business case is compelling. It involves equal access of women and men to all levels of management, to all functions, and to all career paths. Its implementation also calls for or a better balance in between feminine and masculine qualities as well as changes in strategy, policies, structures, and management practices. We can no longer afford not to harness the potential of female leadership. 90 Pages.

The Challenge of Sustainable Development

Describes why the concepts of sustainable development and prosperity are fundamental to business success and longevity.


Gradually, the unity of humankind in all its diversity is becoming a pervasive societal principle. In an age of unprecedented transition, society is being rebuilt; an invisible unification process, while mindful of enriching cultural diversity, is sweeping through continents. The combined forces of globalization, deregulation and privatization, compounded with technological progress, have propulsed the private sector to become the major agent of social change and innovation. With fading borders between nation states, disarranged loyalties and values, and in the absence of effective global governance, our ‘global village’ is being confronted with persistent bewildering challenges.

On Corruption and Bribery.jpg

For a long time and for many people, corruption has been considered as a necessary evil, a way to do business in many countries. Indeed corruption has been an ingredient of the social order for centuries. This publication authoritatively covers the extent of corruption, its causes and consequences, its geographical and sectoral spread, and existing legislative instruments as well as business initiatives to combat corruption. Fighting corruption is an implementation of at least three EBBF core values: ethical business practices, social responsibility in business and values-based leadership.

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