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JUST LAUNCHED ! WHY and HOW can ethical business build the future? ebbf's 1st book!

Very excited about the launch of ebbf’s own first book that will take place at ebbf's annual conference!

WHY and HOW can ethical business build the future?

We asked a first group of hashtag#ebbfmembers from around the globe, to give their answers to this question.

hashtag#ebbfdiscoveringhow Providing concrete guidance to how it is possible to elevate your business to become a provider of prosperity, helping you create workplaces where ebbf’s core values of hashtag#unity , hashtag#justice, hashtag#genderequality ... are more than just visions and ideals — they become everyday realities.

Rooted in ebbf's Baha’i-inspired values, this community book embodies the power of diversity, gathering wisdom and practical insights from numerous successful entrepreneurs worldwide who are committed to intentionally transforming business for the global good.

A chorus of voices, expertise, backgrounds and cultures united behind a common vision: to make service to society the ultimate goal of every successful business.

This is your invitation to join a global movement redefining success in your workplace.

So excited to share with you the ideas and experiences of a most diverse range of authors#ebbfmembers :

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