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What motivates you, and your team?

The following spontaneous conversation on a Facebook wall may highlight some issues you are familiar with, basically asking the question: what really motivates you and other people in your organization to “give it all you have”?

Della – Read on the Procter & Gamble site that in 1887 it “instituted a pioneering profit-sharing program that gives employees an ownership stake in the Company.” As someone who strongly believes and advocates profit-sharing, I

am wondering if P&G still shares its profit. I am convinced that only with profit-sharing can a company truly grow organically because all stakeholders are fully committed to it doing well!

DT – Interesting comment even though I feel that whilst profit and financial benefits are important, they actually do not motivate half as much as having a sense of purpose. For example imagine if you could choose between a company that produces sparkling drinks whose purpose was: we aim to quench thirst in the world or a second one whose purpose was we aim to be world market leader in which of the two companies would you be more motivated to give the best of yourself to create better products and production solutions?

Della – I hesitated a moment before posting because there was something in my statement that did not seem quite satisfactory, but could not put my finger on it. Your comment has actually solved my dilemma.

Andia: Probably a mix of both would bring a win-win situation, from the company’s and employee’s point of view.

Cristina Niculescu: Yes, it is still possible – “unique chance” – optional benefit any P&G employee is being offered to! It’s actually part of the salary package at one’s hire. I myself had the possibility to purchase bits and pieces of PG Stakes, having worked there for almost 4 years.

DT – Great to get a first hand view Cristina, now I am curious to hear: when you go to work on Monday, how much do those “PG Stakes” motivate you? What other things motivate you most as you switch on your computer at your desk? I have absolutely no idea and no pre-set expectations, am sincerely curious to hear first hand from you about the elements that motivate you (or that would motivate you) to give your full self, the 100% of your talents to your work?

Cristina Niculescu: For sure those “stakes” are not playing main role. P&G are also popular for the complex Reward and Recognition Programs.. still did not work for me.. my personal reason within the subject: I hated working in a bubble! I called it the Truman Show – a perfect cardboard game with no genuine reality interaction – I deserted the bubble and went in search for real inner developmet, higher financial purposes and the goal to deliver great things with passion.. The question remains.. answers are very complex and personal from one person to another.. I sincerely consider that the base of the pyramid and even upper levels are indeed still strongly motivated if not determined and pushed for reaction through MONEY! Money is not enough, but it confirms the value of one’s work therefore appreciation, security, sence of belonging to an organization that makes it possible for u… not only leaves u to a daily struggle to pay bills.

The final question still remains: What motivates you? What motivates your team?

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