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What is the role of hope and joy to create meaningful workplaces and careers?

What is the role of joy and hope in our workplaces?

Adam Robarts is a successful and award winning architect, yet when everything was going so well, a totally unexpected life-changing moment in his and his family's life could have brought them to despair. In this deep and insightful conversation, Adam shares what he learnt and how he applies his Baha'i principles and the role of joy and hope to his own company and how our careers can benefit from understanding the application of these traits to create more meaningful and fulfilling careers.

Next month the next in the #52minutesToYourMeaningfuCareer ebbf series with Dr. Nooshin K. Darvish offers yet another angle to our yearning to contribute to more meaningful careers and workplaces:

"What is the role of feminine energy to bring healthy balance to meaningful workplaces?"

The book - NINETEEN - mentioned by Adam can be found here:

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