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What is the best way to learn and influence during university years?

GLOBAL – Constantin is collaborating with AIESEC as the Vice-President of Exchange in Jönköpingand (Sweden) while studying for his Bachelor in International Economics at Jönköping Business School. He has confirmed his presence at the next ebbf meaningful hangout ‘What are the best ways to learn and influence, during my university years?’ on the 21st January 2014 – at 20:00 (WET).

Using google hangouts video conferencing technology, ebbf offers you the opportunity to engage in one of the greatest benefits mentioned by people attending ebbf events: meaningful conversations with like-minded individuals around themes that are relevant and useful to them. Thus online hangouts are a tool to help individuals move from passive listeners to active participants in an engaging dialogue that deepens one’s understanding on a variety of topics by engaging in real-time with people across continents, cultures and experiences.

Some of questions that will be discussed in the next event are: What is the right way to learn? What meaningful learning can I use to make the most of these university years? How can I positively influence my surrounding environment at my university? All individuals interested in participating in the conversation are invited to the event independently of their (non)enrolment in university or status of ebbf membership. Follow updates on Facebook.

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