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Warmest congratulations to Fash Mahjoor CEO of Phenomenex making the top 100 in the world, influenci

LOS ANGELES – Great to hear of the recent news from this ebbf member who pioneered not only new products but also a new way of servant-leadership that has ensured a very successful enterprise, caring about its people, its community … and its business. A press release from his company stated “CEO and Founder of Phenomenex, Fasha (Farshad) Mahjoor, was voted amongst the top 100 in the world, influencing advancements in the field of analytical sciences, in “The Power List 2013”, surveyed and published in October by “The Analytical Scientist”, the leading industry publication.

Out of 100 named, 95 were some of the world’s most respected scientists and professors of universities such as Georges Guiochon, Barry Karger, and James Jourgenson. Only 5 were CEO’s of corporations in the field, Fasha being one of them.

When Fasha was asked about his inclusion in top 100, he replied, “I really cannot believe I was voted amongst this amazing and esteemed group of scientists and colleagues. I am incredibly honored, yet humbled. While all are deserving and accomplished scientists, to be named alongside such masterminds of business as Mr. Casper of Thermo Corporation and Mr. Berthiaume of Waters Corporation, both being huge multi-billion dollar corporations, it is even more surprising and shocking. I suppose we must have done something right in continuing to focus and innovate in the separation sciences technologies!”

According to The Analytical Scientist, The Power List 2013 surveys “the achievements of the outstanding men and women across the analytical sciences. [It celebrates] those achievements and offer[s] insight into the field’s contribution to society as a whole.” They wished to shine a light on the scientists, engineers, software developers, and business leaders who are shaping the most used and innovative techniques today.

Mahjoor has set an example within the industry for his unique business philosophies and has created a rich culture with a “work hard, play harder” mentality that has brought character and an abundance of energy to the scientific field. Mahjoor is also extremely committed to philanthropy and has passed this passion on to his companies around the world, inspiring others within the industry to get involved with charitable work in their own communities and around the globe.

“Although I am profoundly thankful to be named to Power List, I simply can’t take credit for this singlehandedly. Credit should go to my wonderful colleagues at our Phenomenex companies who work so hard day in and day out, developing cutting-edge technologies, supporting scientists around the world, and spending so much of their time and energy giving back to the community, always working towards making the world a safer, healthier and better place.”

Fasha Mahjoor is an architect, businessman, industrialist, philanthropist and founder and CEO of the Phenomenex Companies.

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