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warm welcome to new ebbf members contributing to a prosperous, just and sustainable civilization

In our usual Friday column we welcome and share with you some of the recent members who decided to join ebbf and become an integral part of this global network and of its objective of connecting our daily work to the higher purpose of “contributing to a prosperous, just and sustainable civilization”.Always interesting to see the variety of fields, sectors, ages and purposes that move people to become active members of ebbf.

If you are an ebbf member, click on their profile link to view their profile and connect with them and any of the other 800 current and past members in over 60 nations you will find in the “ebbf members platform”.

mohsen naimi

Mohsen Naimi – Herrliberg, Switzerland

Managing director of NZ ag a company operating in Switzerland that offers a specific style of building architecture.

I enjoy an MSc in Structural Engineering.

My specific ebbf-related interests reside in Sustainable Development, Spirit in Business, Entrepreneurship, Responsible entrepreneurship, Business ethics and Fair trade.

stefanie pfeiffer

Stefanie Pfeiffer – Dublin, Ireland

I met ebbf during my event and project manager position at AIESEC in Jyvasula Finland and am now an AISEC alumni I work at Google as account manager in Ireland. I have an MSc Sport Science (Major: Management & Economy) & Advertising Consultant (Major: Online/ Digital Marketing)

My fields of interest are: CSR, Social Innovations, Values Based Leadership, Spirit in Business, Entrepreneurship, Networking, PR & Communication, Organizational Behaviour, Youth & Young Professionals, Responsible Entrepreneurship, Business Ethics, Presentations & Seminars, Social Entrepreneurship, Intercultural sensitivities.

I would like to both share my experiences with others and learn from the ebbf network as I am used to do thanks to AIESEC.

Nathan Lewis – Haifa, Israel

After working at Google and at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, I am currently Program Manager after offering my experience as software engineer at the Baha’i World Centre in Haifa, Israel.

I am interested in Values Based Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Social Economic Development, Ethical Finance, Responsible Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability.

dalton garis

Dalton Garis – Flushing, USA

I’m a retired economist researching the economics of the divine Qur’an for its potential as a new model of the promised divine economy. Have worked as a petroleum price analyst and Qur’anic economics specialist, publishing peer reviewed papers in both categories, and presenting at associated conferences. Have published one book on divine economics, and am working on another targeting Sunni Muslims. I am Currently giving talks and deepenings on the divine Qur’an, its prophesies and rich teachings devolving to us as latest inheritors of God’s Cause and purpose for humanity.

Have also lectured on human capital formation and development, which was also the topic of my 1996 doctoral dissertation at the University of Florida.

I am interested in Social Innovations, Sustainable Development, Human Resources, Organizational Behaviour, Social Economic Development, Ethical Finance, Business Ethics and Fair Trade.

One of my burning issues is what the divine Qur’an can teach us about economics, as alluded to by His Holiness Baha’u’llah. Remuneration for worker analysis – why the neo-classical model is wrong, and why greater share remuneration for workers is good economics.I am inspired to share the wealth of divine and practical knowledge we inherit from the divine Qur’an.

Also interested in sharing some of the economic and technical details of human capital development and formation – why and how the poor get poorer and the rich get richer over succeeding generations, and how proper educational intervention can entirely break up this self-sustaining cycle. Also interested in exploring and analyzing justifications and methods of better worker remuneration.

marion retterath

Marion Retterath – Kazanlak, Bulgaria

I work for a small-medium company in Bulgaria. I am very happy to have joined ebbf now thinking much more than before – how important it is for all of us to work more and more inside the whole society – so that the precious ideas and goals we are working for, may have as soon as possible some “practical fruits” for all people around ourself ( and for us personally too. You can start a fire without a spark……the spark all of us have, now we need more wood too. My fields of interest include: Equal opportunities for women & men, Social Innovations, Values Based Leadership, Spirit in Business, Entrepreneurship, Networking, Microcredit, PR & Communication, Publications, Human Resources, Organizational Behavior, Social Economic Development, Ethical Finance, Responsible Entrepreneurship, Business Ethics, Health and Business, Presentations & Seminars, Social Entrepreneurship, Fair Trade, Sustainability and Intercultural sensitivities.

Masud Samandari – Vessy, Switzerland

I was born in Quito Ecuador and have since then moved to my current residence in Geneva where I am student at the University of Geneva.

I am interested in CSR, Equal opportunities for women & men, Human Resources, Social Economic Development, Ethical Finance, Responsible Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability.

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