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Warm welcome to most recent ebbf members – contributing to building a new civilisation through

A very warm welcome to the latest group of individuals who decided to contribute to ebbf’s vision. The most recent members who joined this international community of people passionate about finding ways to “contribute to a prosperous, just and sustainable civilisation” through their daily work.

If you are an ebbf member, click on their profile link to view their profile and connect with them and any of the other 800 current and past members in over 60 nations you will find in the “ebbf members platform”.

As a member you are also invited to the “unlocking the potential of your ebbf membership” google hangout – join here if interested – 27th August and 3rd of September at 20:00 (central european time).

The best way to enjoy the interaction with ebbf member and the larger group of like-minded people attracted by ebbf’s values, principles and actions is to attend the next ebbf annual conference, this year dedicated to “redefining the enterprise, co-creating prosperity” : see the here the link to the event website.

richard hainsworth

Richard Hainsworth – Moscow, Russia

My wife and I have been resident in Moscow since the days of the Soviet Union. We are both active Baha’is and we both work for our company RusRating. RusRating is a credit rating agency that is positioned as promoting truth and enhancing transparency in the Russian financial market. I am also the President of the CFA Association (Russia). The CFA Institute has a mission to advocate the highest standards of ethics and professional standards.

I also lecture on Russian banking and have made presentations for the Financial Services Volunteer Corps in New York, the Department of Commerce in Washington, I’ve taken part in a round table at the Harvard Russian Investment Forum, and given keynote speeches to the Club for Banking Analysts in Moscow and various Banking Congresses.

My fields of interest are Values Based Leadership, Sustainable Development, Spirit in Business, Entrepreneurship, Ethical Finance, Responsible Entrepreneurship, Business Ethics and Sustainability.

corinne hainsworth

Corinne Hainsworth – Moscow, Russia

I started my professional career as a teacher then became an editor when we moved to Russia in 1982. I continued editing while my three children grew up and later taught English for ten years at their secondary school. In 2001 my husband and I founded a national rating agency and I took over responsibility for accounts, budgets and editing the English language reports.

I am interested in Networking, Publications, Ethical Finance, Responsible Entrepreneurship, Business Ethics and Intercultural sensitivities.

Suzanne Granfar – Hamburg, Germany

I currently serve as United Nations political analyst within Peacekeeping since early 2007, as which I have been posted to Timor Leste, Sudan and Haiti. Between January 2003  and June 2006 I was Visiting Lecturer at Kings College of  London within the Masters Programme of International Peace & Security, as well as international law, following work as rapporteur for the Columbia University Seminar on the Problem of Peace, and in various capacities within journalism.I hold a Masters of International Affairs and a Masters of Public Health from Columbia University,  and a Bachelor of Science in Medicine from the University of Freiburg. Values Based Leadership, Sustainable Political and Economic  development, and Responsible entrepreneurship are among my interests. I look forward to learning mode about the manifold ebbf activities.

snezka miklic

Snezka Miklic – Koper, Slovenia

I am a young professional exploring a new platform for business. I would like to live my values through business and bring a different kind of thinking to the environment where I am working. I would like to follow myself and my intuition. I would like to learn how to bring values into business, how to build a community when we learn from each other, how to develop and inspire others with your ideas and how to make them think about their business.

I am interested in CSR, Equal opportunities for women & men, Values Based Leadership, Sustainable Development, Spirit in Business, Networking, Microcredit, Human Resources, Organizational Behaviour, Youth & Young Professionals, Ethical Finance, Responsible Entrepreneurship, Business Ethics, Health and Business, Presentations & Seminars, Social Entrepreneurship and Intercultural sensitivities.

Dung Dinh – Vincennes, France

I am a student at Pantheon-Assas University in France.

I am interested in Equal opportunities for women & men, Values Based Leadership, Spirit in Business, Networking, PR & Communication, Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour.

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