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Want to start meaningful conversations to influence your city? join the global #ebbf2013 ebbf action

as you may already know, the extraordinary ebbf annual learning event #ebbf2013 is right around the corner and we really look forward to start meaningful conversations, engage people in taking actions and live this event at its fullest.

During last year’s event the Action Lab idea was presented and in just one year some amazing labs have been organized all over Europe ( view here some dynamics we captured at recent action labs ) and we really want to keep the momentum going:

Action Labs are now going global! Action Lab Shanghai is coming up soon!

To create more engagement with the people attending this year’s learning event, and to start some meaningful discussions around the topic of “Co-creating Sustainable wealth” we would like to organize some additional action labs in your city, before the event in Barcelona.

Some of us are already planning to host an event in the next weeks and we would just love to get you on board and be part of this powerful movement.

The Action Labs already planned are scheduled for Saturday September 21st.

That weekend is the ideal one because there still is time to organize and plan the action lab and it’s a couple of weeks ahead of the Barcelona event so that if people are interested in attending there is still time for them to sign up and book a flight!

We do hope you will join this collective effort of pre-conference Action Labs in your own city. You can choose the same topic or a different one, the same day or a different one..

Since these Action Labs can be part of a similar effort, there is a lot we can share in terms of content, invitations and else, which will make preparing and hosting the Action Lab so much easier! So please let us know if you would like to host an Action Lab before the conference and we will help and support and share material to make it as easy as possible. And just remember, the action lab doesn’t have to be a large event.. you can start your own action lab with just three people, willing to start a meaningful conversation, in a cafe or even your living room!

Here are some of the things that are already ready to be shared with you: – The topic of the Action Lab and the design of the content – The participants list: we can help you get contacts with local ebbf members that can be interested in attending your action lab – The invitation document that you can send to your network, – The Action Lab recap document – Other communication material you may need.

You can also click on the image to download the Action Pack guide version 2.0 As you can see, a lot has already been taken care of!

We invite you to be part of this great worldwide project and share with us this great experience. Looking forward to receiving your email reply with your desire for action soon,

Steph & Laura


Stephanie Hughes Akkaoui and Laura Grassi ebbf action labs international coordination team

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