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Values@Work – join Dimity in Sydney to explore the path of success, resilience and responsibil

SYDNEY – is fulfilling her wish to make more leaders in Australia aware of the possibilities and allowing them to create successful, resilient and responsible leaders and organisations. A co-creation of her Barassa Consulting and Turning Green will see them offering her next Values@Work™ Workshop : Creating Values-based Cultures which will take place on the 12th of December in Sydney

Dimity shares one of her favourite quotes “It is not hard to make decisions if you know what your values are” Roy Disney and additional ideas that resonate with her idea of leadership “Humility and empathy with a strong sense of will; the relevance of humility in leadership which allows recognition of potential in people and focus on its fulfilment”; “promote a culture of courageous authenticity, learn from failure and use it whilst never sacrificing integrity”

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