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USA – Daryn Dodson acts like a ‘fisherman’

Who are you and why did you attend the recent #ebbfjustice conference?

I am the kind of person that is always seeking for local solutions that can scale globally aimed to solve problems apparently impossible to figure out. I am interested in understanding how people and organizations can stretch themselves in finding those solutions, in their service oriented models and how they take care about themselves and their community. I like to consider myself as a “fisherman”, someone that is patient, resilient and persevering, waiting for whatever fish arrives to me and take the best of it. When you fish you never know what could happen, you could wait for short time or for long time, you can fish a small fish or big fish, and never know which color will the fish be. Sometimes you wait for a long time and no fish will arrive, but whatever happens you will end your day, you will always have the chance to earn something.

Some years ago I got to know the Baha’i community through my friend Jenna. I was raised with very practical principles such as be polite and respect the others. For the time being I follow this community. Its kind of a refreshment of the principles that my family taught me. I like the idea of equal rationality and spirituality, it helps me to have a good balance in my life. Jenna told me about EBBF and I was interested in the topic of Justice and meet new friends, the reason why I decided to come.

I am coming back home with new friendships, a lot of insights about new models to inspire and empower people to create a just world, such as the possibility to use media to create people interaction and give visibility to minorities and those ones that have something to say but don’t have the chance to be listened to.

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