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UK – Mario Reyes Castro shares ebbf’s impact in his life

Can you explain who you are and what you do in one sentence?


Born in Mexico, raised in the US, passionate for networking, meeting and connecting to new people and finding ways of collaborating with people. Currently focusing on business development for PwC UK.

What impact did the first EBBF conference [May 2014 London Conference] you attended have in your job? When I started my experience at PWC it was very difficult. I always felt pressure, felt that I had so much responsibility, a lot of stress. I did not know about the impact I had with my job, I had no confidence. At the conference, I heard about the importance of giving trust and being open to hear employees. I met a lot of people with the same idea, and that motivated me to wake up in the morning, go out there and do what I do my best and be positive all the time. To hear people sharing how they try improve the work environment and sharing ideas, inspired me a lot. We had the opportunity to split in group and discuss, give our thoughts.

Why have you become an ebbf member since then? I believe it is an interesting platform to get to know very open and like-minded people. In the events you gain a lot of knowledge that you would not usually get in business conferences. For example, talking about a just workplace, or engaging with your staff and how to connect with them. There are people out there who think there is a way.

In your opinion, why should someone participate in an EBBF conference? EBBF conference is not a typical business conference. It is not to talk about a specific sector or business, you go to talk about how to improve something, about you, about how to improve your life personally and professionally. Here you can meet people with so much experience and knowledge. You can open your mind in different ways, being inspired by the conference. You go without particularly expectations and come back with so much. If I could give an adjective to this conference, the reason why someone should participate is because this event is “mind blowing”.

Is there a quote that inspires you?

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up – by Thomas Edison.

What do you take from that quote? Basically when things gets really tough people quit. Yet when things get really tough it means you are actually getting somewhere, you are doing some kind of progress. If you are not stressing or going through problems you are not trying hard enough. I don’t believe in quitting. That is my motivation whenever I am in trouble. That is my motivation to keep going and not to give up.

What principles guide your actions? I believe in being humble, and not egocentric. To be good spirited, and have a good heart. This allows me to value family and maintain a balanced life.

If the whole world was listening to you for a minute what would you say? No need for fight, nor destruction. Let’s all get along and believe in world peace. There are different groups. Some who want to do something but can’t, others who plainly don’t believe in it. Only some are doing something about it.

How are you contributing to a more just and sustainable civilization?

Whoever I work with I try to make a good work environment for them. It could be anyone I work with – I try to be fair by giving people a voice and allowing them to share their opinion on the strategies we are implementing. Getting views from all sides and no picking favorites.

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