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UK – Jelena Hercberga uniting ‘opposite tribes’

Jelena, through her work with

the Loop, organized a get-together, between, what they called at that time,  two ‘opposite tribes’: young social activists and business leaders from large corporations. They wanted to create a space for human interaction between leaders of today and those who have started shaping the world of tomorrow.

She says that “what started that evening was a dialogue on a human level and on a mutual territory.” Some of the questions they particularly looked at were: How to create an environment to foster an on-going and direct collaboration across generations? How to make corporations see the inter-connectivity of everything in our world and the positive social change that they could contribute to? How to combine the positive energy of the young socially active people with the expertise and scale of big businesses? How corporations and the youth (+ the rest of society) can start co-creating something new to address challenges of our time?

She accounted that what they have already learned from this first gathering of two is that “if we start moving towards each other … we will inevitably meet at one point or another”.

Read her full account of this effort in and contact if you are interested in joining the conversation.

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