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31st ebbf annual conference: becoming the source of social good

ANNOUNCING - ebbf’s 31st annual global conference:

Becoming a source of social good – #ebbfaspiration

Every person has its aspirations and every time has its challenges.

You and your organization are looking for people, ideas, a better understanding of how to be part of the change that is necessary, to increase your impact and reach.


"The energy, hope that comes from deep questions, interactions with people determined to fulfil their role of meaningful impact through the organizations where they work is unique. I leave every ebbf event with a fresh new understanding of what is possible and what is needed for my organization to be truly successful today and how I can be part of building the future we seek to create."

"By far the most challenging, thought provoking, yet supportive and empowering events. The only place where diversity has an impact ... undergrads and CEOs have meaningful conversations. Unparalleled."

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