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The Netherlands – Shidrukh Khazen making an impact through the Ruhi Institute

Shidrukh is facilitating a study circle focused on the first course of the Ruhi Institute, entitled, Reflections on the Life of the Spirit, to a group of youth that want to develop their capacities for service to their communities. The youth that are participating in this study are open to new ideas and are investigating what kind of principles and moral structures they want to establish to govern their behavior. The first quote they studied in the course was: “The betterment of the world can be accomplished through pure and goodly deeds, through commendable and seemly conduct…”. The importance of such an activity is unveiled when we connect the righteous conduct it promotes, featuring virtues such as truthfulness and honesty, and reflect on how fundamental this kind of conduct is to ensuring integrity in the workplace. Shidrukh works as a business analyst of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration, exploring data and concluding how to make the process of tax collection more efficient. The employees for this kind of government institution must be enlightened by virtues or the very purpose of these agencies is tainted.

Shidrukh facilitating a study circle

Shidrukh facilitating a study circle

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