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The Netherlands – Osric Caton shares about his connection with ebbf

Can you explain what you do in a sentence? I help people and companies through technology. I help to empower them and make life at work easier.

Where do you work? Refresh Interactions helps companies transform into communities by unlocking the human capacity within them.

What convictions and principles guide your actions? To become independent of any system, energy, institutions. Every important decision I question myself if it will help me become more independent. For instance, I am in the process of buying a house and I rather not deal with banks. So, I am having a mortgage but will have an alternative plan to become independent.  Also want others to be independent from me – so I empower others to use websites and technology to operate them independently.

Why are you an ebbf member?

I have worked directly with long time ebbf members and I have been influenced by the ebbf way of thinking and doing since the first day I stepped in. I’ve met ebbf members in the past 4 years which eventually triggered me to visit the last event in London and I was so overwhelmed with the spirit of the people at the conference as everyone seemed to have a purpose and ethics.

How are you contributing to ebbf’s vision?

I try to incorporate it to my day to day life. In my business handlings I think are ethical. Most of them are ethical. So if I act justly and ethicaly in my day to day business I am contributing. To treat someone how you want to be treated.

Is there a quote that inspires you?

Do more, be better. – in my professional life I explore and take action, learn, and start over again. I think it is also a baha’I principle to act, reflect and consult. This process allows to do more and be better.

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