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The global community of ebbf members, elects this year's ebbf board

ebbf's board voting process has no campaigning whatsoever.

Each ebbf member is called to look and think and vote (and has the opportunity to be voted) for the ideal members, best suited to guide ebbf in the following 12 months. This is how the members were encouraged in their vote:

"Dear ebbf member,

One of your privileges as an ebbf member is being able to vote for the members of the ebbf Governing Board that you feel are best suited to guide this organization over the next 12 months.

You are also eligible to be voted for one of those board positions.

ebbf wishes to underline the importance of being coherent with ebbf’s core value of #genderbalance."

And this is how ebbf members' voted.

We introduce you to this year's ebbf governing board members, from left to right:

A very special thanks goes to outgoing board member Arthur Dahl who has served on the board for over 20 years and has been asked to be part of ebbf's advisory council.

Daniel Truran will continue to serve as director general of the organization. Want to know more about ebbf's governance? Here are many of your answers:

Happy to reply to any other questions you might have : contact us.

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