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Switzerland – Arthur Dahl speaks at CSR Meetup Geneva


This group of 260 members is composed by sustainability/CSR professionals from the UN, government, international NGOs and the private sector, as well as Geneva community members interested in sustainable economic and social development.

The CSR Meetup Geneva reported: “It was enriching to have such an experienced environmental accountant as Arthur Dahl addressing the most pressing issues that are changing our world, and at an ever-increasing pace. As escalating disastrous scenarios already bring about emerging new economic models and activities, the question becomes how far destruction needs to go, before mitigating alternative business practices, technology solutions and consumer habits will go mainstream. The road-map for restoration of damage and prevention of the worst is up to all those engaged in new environmentally adapted activities and business. On the investor side the pressing question will be: Which of the leading corporations will be able to embrace this change as new business opportunity and which will be left behind? Thank you, Arthur, for being a true inspiration for us to drive and follow positive change.”

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