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How did Jose Soto get his company recognized by HP as the most sustainable partner in Latin America?

Recognized by HP as the most sustainable partner in Latin America!

This is the recognition that #ebbfmember Jose Soto and his team at

IS Corporación achieved.

In the words of @HP Laura Gomez Madrigal :

"It is a great moment to recognize our partner IS Corporación who has become the first partner in Latin America to achieve the Insignia Catalyst 5 Stars, the highest category in our sustainability program called #hpamplifyimpact .

Thank you very much for your effort and hard work during the last year and your participation in this incredible program, your dedication and great commitment make us proud.

Let's continue to lead the way to build a sustainable future"

great to see the way Jose Soto and his team are living ebbf's core values of #sustainability and #unity 

Jose Soto is shown with a well deserved big smile, second from right in the photos below.

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