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Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes on designing and sustaining spaces for human interaction

THE NETHERLANDS – Stephanie was recently interviewed on “Science Rockstars” where she shared the concept of Architecting Interactions, her personal vision of the roles and responsibilities of architecture and design in creating environments in which human interactions take place as a way to influence behaviours. It’s not about designing interaction itself but the context, the space where it takes place, which includes the book in the table, the light, the room, the building, the city and the people. This exploration stretches on a scale of interventions, a scale ranging from products and furniture to interiors, buildings and urban projects.

She also shared that she believes that everyone needs to be part of the process of creating that context which then involves overcoming fragmentation thinking which is  “at the root of all our global problems today”. We need to develop our way of thinking  into ‘Comprehensive Thinking’ to be able to converge and collaborate towards a common goal in the ‘Global Interest’. To “co-create together new alternatives to respond to today’s local and global challenges”  is ‘Comprehensive Innovation’, the one behaviour that might have a chance of creating a sustained positive future.

Stephanie is a member of the ebbf elected board and the founder of the Action Labs and AKKA, a consultancy firm specialized in sourcing, designing and sustaining spaces for human interaction that is driven by the vision of Architecting Interaction.

Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes

Comprehensive Innovation is a function of 1) the ability to create something new  2) the action of working together to create value; 3) ongoing acquisition of insights based on action

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