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Spain – Andrei Cimbru’s ebbf experience

Andrei Cimbru was working at AIESEC Spain as National Director of Organization Development when he attended the last ebbf conference in Barcelona.

    “I wanted to connect with people with a higher purpose in life other than their own well-being. I was looking to be inspired and meet people who want to make the world a better place, although it may sound Utopic, eventually the dreamers are the ones that change the world, right? I was happy and humbled to meet so many people, more experienced than myself from which I could learn valuable insights and share ideas on how we can drive business and working culture to fit today’s context of permanent change and building happiness in a company from the inside out.”

His experience turned out to be a great opportunity for him to go out of his comfort zone to express his ideas and experiences through meaningful conversations with complete strangers.

“If you want to be stimulated in a creative environment that allows you to be curious about how the world functions and how to ask the right questions then you must attend these kind of events because it definitely brings a different perspective on how we see things, and more importantly what actions can we drive to make the world a better place.”

Since the conference, the people Andrei met have continued to be truly inspiring and giving the much needed dose of encouragement for him to continue being honest to his values and pursuing the work he loves through ups and downs.

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