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Serving and innovating at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

THE NETHERLANDS – Wilfried started a new assignment at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently, as the Program Director Innovation Human Resources Strategy. His job is to guide the change process in the Ministry towards being more open, innovative and adapted to the new global situation.

As an effect of globalization, the Ministry is no longer the sole representative of the country but part of a group of different entities, such as companies, non-profit organisations and other Ministries. This obliges the Ministry to start acting as a networking organization. It is a trend in different countries, which accompanies a gradual increase in cooperation and opening up between international governmental branches. Wilfried is responsible to initiate new ways to educate and train staff, to optimize strategic sourcing of personnel and to promote an effective change in culture. He accepted this role due to the potential impact which the Ministry has by working closely with other branches of the government that influence fair-trade and the expression of justice in society. He also explains how it is an opportunity to explore a new organization and to create relevant innovative experience.

He promises “I will do my utmost best to ensure that the Ministry is changing, to be better prepared to fulfill their role as expected by the government and the international community.” He has also recently accepted to be part of the ebbf’s Advisory Council to the Elected Board.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of the Netherlands

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