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Redefining leadership, giving you tools to influence: ebbf launches Moral Leadership e-course

ebbf sincerely hopes that you will find this first ebbf co-produced course a useful element in your own quest to contribute to ebbf’s vision and to its specific strategy of encouraging meaningful personal action and at the same time engaging in the discourse. Re-defining concepts such as leadership (in this case) and giving you the tools to positively engage in your area of influence.

At some point in their lives many professionals come to question the work culture they experience. Many work environments prohibit individuals from unleashing their true potential others lack motivation, collaboration or meaning. Facing these realities, some individuals dig in and carry on, some disengage, others quit their jobs – some however seek solutions. This course offers answers to common challenges associated with today’s work culture. It is intended for individuals who recognize the potential for improvement in the way they and their organizations work and are ready to do things differently.

Russell Zehtab, who co-lead this project together with ebbf members such as Andra Grant, Marc Avanzo and Alim Beveridge commented:

Moral Leaders live by universal moral and ethical principles. Moral leadership is about the right discourse, accompanied by the right traits, carried out through the right skills

Only 30 places are available for this first course to ensure the quality of the personalized interaction with you and will be served on a strictly first come first served basis. You can find here more information about the course.

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