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Ralph Blundell preparing for his UIA keynote: The Wisdom of Love – Leading with Heart and Inte

SOUTHERN FRANCE – is sitting in his sustainably heated home, preparing for his keynote, as he will be representing ebbf at the UNION OF INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATIONS (UIA) roundtable taking place on November 12th in Brussels. He sent over inspiring description of his keynote: Closing presentation: The Wisdom of Love – Leading with Heart and Integrity, presented by Ralph Blundell, EBBF

“We are in a period of intense global change. Money is scarce, and established truths about the economy, free markets, civic leadership, community, and the role of society are crumbling before our eyes. More positively, the rise of virtual and social networks are helping individuals to find new ways of collaborating, but paradoxically this both isolates and unites them.

In this changing landscape how should we lead? The twin traps of ignoring what’s happening, or hanging on and surviving, are easy to fall in to but unrealistic.

Vibrant leadership that attracts and engages members has never been more important. Unifying them in purpose and creating a climate where they can truly contribute is the key to keeping them.

This kind of leadership exists and is being practiced at this very moment.  In a thought-provoking presentation, Ralph will suggest that staying true to your moral compass and your organization’s values, and leading with a little heart and love, will have astonishing results.”

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