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Portugal – Marcelino’s ebbf conference experience

Marcelino Congo was one of the participants from the last ebbf conference in Barcelona on justice in the workplace. He was born in Angola and moved to Portugal when he was young where he completed most of his studies, after which, pursued a PhD in Food Safety at Catholic University (Oporto, Portugal) and Cornell University (NY, USA). He is currently a teacher and a researcher in Microbiology.

“I love my job and my life, but I am always looking for a way to be part of that crew that is trying to make a positive change in the world. Last May, my wife participated in the EBBF conference in London and was telling me about how many amazing people she met, how many people were thinking out of the box and I felt so excited as this is the kind of environment I was seeking.”

He further shared that he came to the conference to find a way that will enable him to use his capacities to change the world, and start to help in a friend’s project in Angola.

“He started a school for children from poor backgrounds to offer them the possibility to build a better future. He needs support to make the school grow more. And during the conference I had the chance to discuss about this project and what I could do to support it. I received so many inputs and ideas that enriched my mind and made me feel very motivated to take action. And most of all, I found friends that could help me in make it happen.”

To know more about the project visit Escola Pequena Semente, or click in the image below.

little seed

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