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Paris – highlights of events where Arthur Dahl and the IEF will be sharing ebbf values at #COP


Ahead of the event we were inspired by a statement issued by the BIC specifically for this sustainability global conference, that we encourage you to view: Shared Vision, Shared Volition: Choosing Our Global Future Together Just some initial highlights from that statement include: “Anthropogenic climate change is not inevitable; humanity chooses its relationships with the natural world” and “A more balanced attitude toward the environment must therefore address human conditions as consciously as it does natural ones. It must be embodied in social norms and patterns of action characterized by justice and equity. On this foundation can be built an evolving vision of our common future together. And that vision, in turn, stands as a powerful mechanism for mobilizing action around the world and coordinating numerous efforts into mutually-reinforcing lines of action.”

Are you involved in #COP21 ? Would you like the ebbf members and IEF representatives attending to share your ideas and messages?

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