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Paolo Russo promoting clean energy investments in West Africa

WEST AFRICA – Paolo is promoting clean energy investments in West African countries meeting his interest in social and economic issues on a worldwide scale as well as new models for sustainable growth.

Through his company, Finergy a M&A (Merger and Acquisition) advisory firm specialized in Energy & Clean Tech sectors,  and together with his industrial partners, he is helping develop photovoltaic energy plants in villages and rural areas of some West African counties. They arrange the deals, coordinate developers, constructors, banks and investors and apply the financial logic to solve critical social needs. ebbf member Paolo has been working in the M&A and corporate finance sectors for the last 6 years, with focus on Conventional and Renewable Energy, and has gained experience in diversified energy markets such as Italy, Romania, Serbia, Senegal and South Africa. During the last two years he has also shaped an investment model in the energy efficiency sector, together with first tier French and US companies.

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