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Organising Dojo4Life for personal development

UK – Graham has been organising Dojos4life for 6 months, and last weekend surpassed the mark of 150 participants (in England and Germany) utilising this reflective space for personal development!

A Dojo is a safe space to “practice the art of being an effective warrior of the heart, mind and spirit.” Firmly based in evidence-based approaches to adult development (the roots lie in many areas, especially Otto Laske’s Constructive Developmental Framework), Dojo4life helps build the building blocks, the patterns and cutting-edge tools for maximising your adult potential. Through fun, play and conversations you can learn more of who you are, who you are becoming, and how to face the tough stuff in life. As in a martial art, it is best seen as a regular practice and not as a single event. Then you gradually develop the tools you need to ‘re-write’ your “script” or operating system. And so change how your leadership, relationship, and maybe even learn to be kind to yourself.

Sharing his story, Graham said: “If you look around and see radical problems; overwhelming reasons to believe that there is no hope, that you’re helpless, and that nothing you can do will make a difference; be irrationally rational, react by being radically hopeful.”  He also works as a non executive director for edge, and as managing director of Learning Transfer Solutions Global.

He is planning 1-day trainings for late Summer in London and Germany, contact for more information.


Graham Boyd



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