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Onno Vinkhuyzen published in Science Direct the role of moral leadership in sustainability

THE NETHERLANDS – Onno has published a paper in which he examines the added value of including ethical dimensions into leadership models in order to understand their influence in the promotion of SCP (sustainable production and consumption). It is titled “The role of moral leadership for sustainable production and consumption” and Elsevier is allowing free access to the article until the 26th of March. Click here to visit Science Direct where you can access the paper.

The paper explains how there is a gap between knowledge of how to have SCP and its translation into action and that leadership is a fundamental link to change the system. It shows that the leadership model created by Dr. Anello, the moral leadership framework (MLF), is a more fit booster for the fulfilment of SCP than other leadership models. This is because “any type of fundamental change in a social system… depends both on individual actions and on the ability to channel individual action into collective enterprises that change the basic structures of the system that in turn further empower individuals to act responsibly” and the MLF model does this by creating united groups, reaching goals and empowering their members to develop capabilities to serve their communities, more effectively than other models.

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