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Noushin Ehsan from New York to Haiti, how an architect can make a difference and enjoy the experienc

Haiti / New York – Noushin, is a prestigious New York-based architect who developed the concept of “The Spirit of Space,” which incorporates the spiritual as well as the practical approach to architecture. She writes from Haiti where she has found a great way to “give back to society” using her human and architectural experience.

“I am now in Haiti with two other board members of Haiti Housing Collaborative (an organization that I had started after Haiti’s earthquake). Our goal is to build sustainable housing for people of the rural area. In our cursory observation, Haiti has improved since the earthquake and believe it or not some good projects are being developed by the government. So far, our trip has been very productive, just like my first trip right after the earthquake. However in this one, we have some fun as well. Let me know if you are interested to see our day to day trip report so that I can send you by e-mail. In any case, please keep the Haitian people in your prayers.”

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