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Nishat Ruiter redefining profitability and connecting it to spirituality

NEW YORK – Nishat Ruiter is featured on a recently uploaded video of the Spiritual Capital & Moral Leadership Institute where she speaks on redefining profitability and achieving sustainability by involving stakeholders in holistic business and making a difference.

She indicates that by including all stakeholders into the definition of profitability, profit becomes more than just money and “that holistic blue print you are creating that is sustainable, … for growth and one that other people can tap to”. She shares how everyone has a dual responsibility for self-knowledge, “knowing what makes you tick, knowing what drives your decisions everyday, knowing the vision you have in what you are doing in serving the organisation” and to take the wisdom from lessons learned and act as a catalyst of growth by sharing them with others and influencing them. She concludes explaining that different spiritual backgrounds have led to a great sense of purpose that characterises the inspiring business leaders that were driven not for the short-term but into making a difference.

Nishat is Vice President & Associate General Counsel for CA Technologies, a Fortune 500 Company, that provides IT management solutions that help customers manage and secure complex IT environments to support agile business services.

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