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Netherlands – Joey’s ebbf conference experience

Joey is a forward thinking student and business dreamer who always wants to innovate things to be better.  He characterizes himself as “ambitious and optimistic” and carries the feeling that he can make his hopes come true.

Joey attended the ebbf conference in Barcelona and when asked what he thought of it he answered:

“It’s so nice for me to be here, there are so many people with the same optimistic vision that I have and that also believe in creating a positive impact. What I liked the most were the interesting inspiring stories.”

Joey came into contact with ebbf through a friend. As they were talking about their future he realized how much he liked people and business and that what he really wanted a job that could combine both. His friend introduced him to Paul [Paul Hughes, ebbf board member] with whom he shared his dreams and ambitions and who explained about the conference and how much he could benefit from it.

“I am so thankful for that suggestion. The amazing people I met here and all the inputs I’ve received motivate me to pursue my dreams. After this conference I will plan how to realize my business to help people.”

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