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Mumbai – Krish Uniyal building intercontinental bridges, creating the #ebbfimpact platform

Some of you might have already enjoyed posting your most recent ebbf-inspired impact on the new #ebbfimpact platform, want to know who created it? Introducing ebbf member Krish Uniyal based in Mumbai looking to move back to Europe.

The elevated sense of mindfulness and values embedded in his life and work might derive from his home town Rishikesh, an international spiritual destination that lies on the shores of the sacred river Ganges. “I think my life has always been a balance between the influence of my home town which is also home to some of the oldest spiritual philosophies and at the same time a thriving marketplace for the global variety of people that visit it every year”.

From there Krish has spent the last 15 years traveling to, studying and working in different cities and continents. Currently he runs his own enterprise in India that helps corporate with their marketing and technology related requirements. Prior to this, his most memorable recent experience has been working at DHL with its Global Marketing team, in Germany. He was so taken by the history, the lifestyle, the diversity of cultures and languages in a continent that is half the size of his home country that he has made it his aim to come back and be working in Europe by 2016.

He talks about his experience in DHL’s global team as one that gave him great inspiration, surrounded by a multinational team of global heads and directors of marketing from Australia, US, Brazil, Europe and of course India. “Working at the global headquarter of a conglomerate where decisions affecting thousands of human resources are made gave me a sense of how important my impact could be. One of my contributions affected people in 68 countries when an online operational system costing almost 1 million € was developed following the market research and analysis I made and suggestions on how this system should be set up. I further designed an exhaustive training and development program to train sales people on that system across countries. It was so interesting to apply my usual way of thinking and doing that I learnt by setting up my own enterprises in India in a multinational environment which is often longing for that kind of entrepreneurial innovative spirit.”

We then asked Krish about what makes a good company?

both coming from his entrepreneurial and his multinational experience. “fundamentally companies are made of individuals, something that should be quite obvious but that is often not taken into account when strategies, processes and departments are created. So I think that fundamentally good companies are those that are able to give their people the space to explore, to be themselves and to develop continuously in a holistic manner. Fostering the growth of their abilities and skills but also balancing that with personal growth as human beings both individually and as part of teams.

Time should be qualitative, not just producing in a quantitative way but also allowing you to spend time with people, inspiration and connections that really matter and that should include the time required to be with your family. Because the quality of your time with your family will also reflect on how well you will be able to perform in your workplace.

We are just one person: we bring our home to work and our work to home, so organizations need to make sure that everything is conducive to a positive growing environment.”
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