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Mika Korhonen exploring the shift in the perception of competition at Sweden youth to Business Forum

SWEDEN – Mika will give a keynote at Sweden youth to Business Forum on the 11th of April on “the shift in the perception of competition”. This is an event which connects students and business as well as social leaders to explore the impact we can have on the world through positive entrepreneurial thinking. He has already explored this topic in one of the entries in his blog.

He explains that the purpose of business doesn’t need to be to make money, but to create well-being to the world, which demands companies to collaborate together.  “All your own personal values (justice, trustworthiness, kindness, love…) can be applied in that context without any restrictions. As a side effect the collaboration produces world-class results, happiness and wealth.” By learning how to develop personal virtues and how to apply them to business, learning how to be humble and consider service to others as success, and also learning how to teach our children to build collaboration and to connect with people, we’ll be getting closer to the early humans that “did not survive by competing with each other – no, they survived in the hostile environment only because they worked together.”

Mika is a Senior Manager for the Finnish Market at Digia and has been an ebbf board member for the past 6 years.

Mika makes an analogy between soccer and business. If both soccer teams would agree that they are playing together, for the love of the game, they wouldn’t try to find a winner nor the strongest. Their purpose would be to play not to compete. It would still be soccer, but with different underlying purpose. The small change in attitude would change everything.

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