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Maritza Figueroa learning “how to change the world”

ECUADOR – Maritza is  participating in the  How to Change the World course offered by Coursera availing herself from this Age’s unique benefits as the opportunity of free education under the recent MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) educational concept.

Inspired by “Let deeds not words be your adorning” she has taken action to learn and through this course examine how she can develop “social goods” and use them to create networks of progressive change. During 6 weeks of online classes the meaning of “social goods” and other concepts such as poverty and philanthropy; climate change and sustainability; women, education and social change will be explored. Each week will be structured along the following questions: 1. What do we know?  2. Why should we care? 3. What can we do?

Maritza is an HR professional with multicultural and multinational experience currently at DHL. Interested in innovative solutions to develop human capital based on values based leadership and striving to shape a new direction for women and young talent.

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