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Laura en-courages-u to contribute

BRUSSELS – Finnish-born Laura is currently a project assistant at the European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education and has previously worked as a translator for the European Comission and collaborated with ebbf.

In addition to her day-job she has recently started to train as an Encouragement Coach/Massage Therapist and decided to start En-Courage-U which is a way she found to support others in their life through attentive massage. “An attentive massage session provides you a moment to listen what your body has to say to you through touch and different emotions. The session invigorates your senses and strengthens your sense of aliveness and belonging to this world” is a description you can find on her online platform.

Laura will also be going for a month to Guatemala in the middle of January in order to contribute to the work of Education for the Children (EFTC) a UK based, 10 year old, charity that founded ‘The School of Hope’ in one of the poorest areas of Latin America. The School gives 550 kids the opportunity to learn, play and get nutritious food which, they would not be able to have if they would not attend the school. It represents for the kids a hope for a better future.

En-Courage-U offers you sessions of attentive massage which aim to strengthen your body-mind connection

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