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Larry Miller’s New Year Resolutions for leaders

ANNAPOLIS (USA) – ebbf member Larry Miller is a blogger, author and coach on transformational change management and president of L.M.Miller Consulting.

In his recent blog entry “New Year’s Wishes for All Leaders” he shares his greatest wish for the coming year “I pray, if I only had one prayer for our leaders, that they will seek that which unites and dismiss that which divides. I pray that our citizens will vote only for those who promote unity of thought and action and shun those who seek to promote themselves by arguing false dichotomies and division.”

He also offers other New Year’s resolutions for managers: to bring out the best in others through encouragement; to create a culture of science that will lead to a humble posture of learning; to learn from and value those who are on-the-spot; to focus less on their own success and more on the success of their team; to meditate on how they and their company are making this world just a little bit better each year.

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