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Kuwait – Kian Saadat organized the first ebbf activity


Kian Saadat had been thinking for a while about starting an event and after speaking with a few older ebbf members, felt encouraged to start an ebbf chapter in Kuwait, considering it as one of the most effective contributions he could offer to the country.

Kian opened the first meeting with some short ebbf videos and introduced the ActionLab methodology. Then the 15 participants contributed to a conversation about the organic process they wanted to initiate and explored the importance of translating change into feasible steps and develop capacities to promote change rather than waiting for an outer power to come.

They spoke about the need to focus on the spaces in which they can do something rather than dwelling on aspects of which they had no control over. They thought that instead of despairing or simply expressing discontentment they should act, and act through the workplace which is their domain and where they have control and influence to make a change. At the horizon, was the hope that if they can gradually get more people on board then they are able to impact the whole country.

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