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Joachim Monkelbaan receives best paper abstract contribution award at ABIS doctoral workshop

Joachim Monkelbaan NYENRODE – Joachim, also member of the ebbf research team, has just attended a ABIS (The Academy of Business in Society) doctoral workshop receiving this recognition for his work. He was presented with the “ABIS doctoral workshop best paper abstract contribution” award for his work on “Sustainability governance: Harmonizing discourses on climate change and sustainable energy”.

He commented on his experience  “I had a wonderful phd workshop today with Gilbert Lenssen and the result is in the picture below. Basically, I see that the problem is that existing governance processes and institutions fail in delivering the public goods we need. I do an analysis across different vectors of sustainability governance: across governance scales (local-national-regional-global), across governance styles (networked-hierarchical-market) based on key concepts (power-knowledge-norms). I analyze governance actors based on their orientation (ideology + interests) and pragmatism and give a few suggestions for making governance more effective and coherent. The approach I use is discourse analysis.”

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