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Italy – Diana Severati contributes as ebbf journalist

Diana Severati says that being a journalist is one of her dream jobs and that she loves writing articles with meaningful content. “So, this is a wonderful opportunity to me to contribute to ebbf. By writing and spreading news I hope to create a positive impact and engage more people to join the ebbf network.”

She is an AIESEC Alumni and became an ebbf member at the end of 2008. “I heard about the organization  when the ebbf – AIESEC in Italy partnership was launched in 2002-03. Then I participated to the ebbf-aiesec event in Acuto in 2005 and 2008. I met wonderful people,  I discovered the international potential of the network and I realized that for an AIESEC alumna like me joining ebbf was the natural continuation of my networking experience.” She works in Claims Payments Management at Generali Business Solutions and has a special interest in business ethics, CSR, sustainability and social innovation.

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