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Have you left a sure position and had to rethink your professional profile?

Have you ever had to change careers, from a comfortable clear position to the uncertainty of a new career path?

Have you had to rethink deeply your role and your direction and purpose in the transition?

#ebbfmember and Annual Conference speaker Layli Miller-Muro, was often featured on TV coverages, news interviews, invited to conferences with the clear role of CEO of the Tahirih Justice Center.

Now, a new page in her career has started outside of her recognised role and beloved organization.

It has been for Layli a time where she has had to think and rethink deeply what her new role in life would be and how she could remain faithful to her desire for a deeply meaningful and useful role serving society.

Layli held an interactive session that you are welcome to watch and learn from with many relevnat questions around your own #meaningfulcareer based on her personal transition experience.

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