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GLOBAL – Yi, Lili and Diana arise to contribute as ebbf journalists

The ebbf journalists team has been recently strengthened to add to a now steady stream of beautiful stories of meaningful action from around the world.

As such I am very happy to announce that Yi Chi (Canada), Lili Rahmati (USA) and Diana Severati (Italy) have arisen to contribute to ebbf’s aim of helping 1 million people create meaningful impact throughout the world by 2024. I really love when people put their hand up and ask for a way to contribute.


Diana says that being a journalist is one of her dream jobs and that she loves writing articles with meaningful content. “So, this is a wonderful opportunity to me to contribute to ebbf. By writing and spreading news I hope to create a positive impact and engage more people to join the ebbf network.”

Daniel Truran, director general for ebbf, was satisfied when welcoming these three new journalists “I kept seeing so many amazing stories of simple but impactful action yet feeling so frustrated that no one else but my inbox witnessed them. To now have a dedicated team of professionals sharing with our world-wide audience these beautiful stories is a great gift to this organization and to the values-driven action it wishes to create in our workplaces and in society.” .

To work as an ebbf journalist is a precious meaningful work opportunity and relates to my work. I hope to contribute to ebbf’s goal to reach a broader population, strongly accompany everyone involved and be inspired by ebbf members and learn to work in a unique culture”  said Yi.

Yi, Lili and Diana, aware that storytelling is an important method in sharing the essence of an entity, have accepted the challenge of helping unveil the impact that ebbf members have in their daily life, in the different corners of the world, as they strive to live ebbf’s vision of contributing to a more just, sustainable and prosperous civilization through their daily work.

Lili’s primary motivation for being interested in contributing as a journalist was based on the opportunity to connect one-on-one with other entrepreneurs in order to share their story as individuals. “As a business owner/entrepreneur, I feel that I am uniquely positioned to extract certain perspectives that could be beneficial to others who are interested in taking the leap toward entrepreneurship.”

I believe the journalist team has a lot of potential to help ebbf continue to grow!

Yet all our work is dependent not only on your work, since there are no stories if there are no actions, but also on your ability to take initiative and send us your reports and stories as a contribution. We cannot write about what we don’t know exists.

So, please help this growing team, and contact us when you are organizing an event or have shared some nice meaningful quotes with your colleagues at work, or if you know another ebbf member is promoting consultation at the workplace or holding tight to values when operating in their company.

All actions, small and big, short and long, are a meaningful contribution to a more just, sustainable and prosperous civilization. With your help we can unveil and articulate the ‘ebbf way’.

Looking forward to receive your news –!

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