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Global – Laura Grassi : Global Impact Hub Community Learning Coordinator


Warmest congratulations to ebbf member Laura Grassi for getting such an ebbf-aligned and meaningful job as the Global Learning Coordinator for the Impact Hub Community.

She starts this month of October 2015.

“Laura strongly believes that individuals naturally feel a need for contribution and meaning and, through her work, she will provide information and tools to support founders of Impact Hubs around the world in their impact-seeking endeavours. With expertise in facilitation and training, art of hosting and community engagement, event management and communication, Laura is perfectly fit to take our community learning efforts to the next level.

In her new role, Laura will project manage Practice activities, create engagement around Practice initiatives and learning content production, as well as coordinate and host our network of Associates and the CoPs. She will also facilitate the transfer of resources to and among Impact Hubs and set up peer-to-peer learning opportunities. Last but not least, Laura will oversee the production of The Practitioner.”

Congratulations Laura and look forward to continuing the partnership with the many Impact Hubs around the world used and in some cases even co-created by ebbf members around the world.

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